About Us

In January 2009 Keswick Crash Repairs were the first in Adelaide to implement the Standox waterborne low VOC paint system. VOC – is short for “volatile organic compounds” – They include the kind of solvents that are used in conventional paints and many other products. These solvents escape into the air and contribute to air pollution. Especially in summer, when high pressure prevails, they promote the formation of ozone close to the ground. This is the same ground breaking environmentally friendly paint that is used in the refinishing of your Mercedes Benz from factory.

Our Paint technicians are all factory trained in the latest refinish techniques, and our Panel technicians are fully licensed and certified in both welding and bonding so as to retain your investments safety, quality and best resale value. Keswick Crash Repairs is your key to having your Mercedes Benz remanufactured back to the exact same high standard of design and engineering as Mercedes Benz engineers designed them. We continually strive for perfection which is why we invest heavily on technology. We are the only body shop in South Australia to have a factory authorised computerised jig chassis aligner as well as the world first ultrasonic spot welder. These systems are our guarantee that your Mercedes Benz is in the best hands for accident repairs.

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